🍊 Mofu Eternal 🍊

Felix 🍊 22 🍊 they or he 🍊 gay


MAIN Shinza Bansho, Type-Moon, Mobile Suit Gundam, Macross, Idolmaster, D4DJ, Touhou, Tales of, Precure, Pretty series, Show By Rock!, JJK, Pjsekai, Priconne, Cookie Run Kingdom + more unlisted

MISC Drawing, Vtubers (Mainly Nijisanji),Y2K era Anime/Vns, Gunpla

MUISC Denpa, Symphonic J-rock, Electronic, House

wow... ily

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>DNFI: 30+/-17 I tweet delete alot
i also take frequent breaks from being online sometimes i can go days without tweeting
tweet/rt heavy i love interacting with my oomfs feel free to reply/dm me anytime!
sometimes NSFW,follow reqs are always ok